Trio was developed using processes of reconstructing three artworks: Trio A (Yvonne Rainer), Triadic Ballet (Oscar Schlemmer), and France/tour/detour/deux/enfants, Mouvement 3: Connu/Géométrie/Géographie (Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville).

Trio consists of several sections of task-based actions and simple movement.  Language was crucial in the development and performance of the work, and appears in one form or another in each section.  It is used to translate Rainer’s choreography, conduct on-stage interviews (taken from the Godard film from the 1970’s) as well as through playing filmed interviews throughout the entire duration of the performance.  Language interacts with movement on-stage and becomes part of the theatrical set.

From the contents of the three original pieces we present themes like geography, home, school and the relationships between them.  Trio is intentionally un-spectacular and takes an ironic approach to presenting a traditional dance piece; on the threshold between seriousness and absurdity.