We are a four member collective called Trio. Unfortunately, our fourth member can’t be with us today due to unforeseen circumstances. Please feel free to fill in the gaps by following the instructions below.


1. Go and sit on the director’s chair.

2. Bring in the umbrella, the fan, the bin and the sleeping bag, and line them up downstage when you here their names.

3. Answer the questions using the binary of words that is not occupied by a performer.

4. – When you hear “1”, stand up, look at you toes, bend your knees, move them side to side and hit your hair with your hands.
– When you hear “2”, tap you right foot in frond of you and move your head front and back.
– When you hear “3”, fold your hands over your head and move them from one ear to the other whilst marching.

5. Imagine that you are a character of Triadic Ballet. Use the following objects and take a pose: Vacuum cleaner, light bulb, umbrella, phone, fan, bin, chair, sleeping  bag.

6. Make a map of the world in your mind and mark three places you have been with a white cross.

7. Describe the way from home to school and back.

8. Take a step sideways with your right foot, do a full turn and fall down repeatedly until you reach the back wall. Try to do it in your own time.

9. Go and sit on the director’s chair. Describe in detail the Triadic Ballet costumes.

10. You are now sitting on the director’s chair. Shout “1”, “2” or “3” (in any order). All three numbers should be heard at least twice. To end the piece shout “0”.