Take a journey back in time Trio Collective and re-visit the choreographies of the year 2003. It might seem not so long ago for some of us, just 7 years, so why 2003? Perhaps because they call themselves Trio Collective, hence ’03, who knows. As I’m about to witness it does not really matter. The work on the other hand does.

The performers are already on stage once the audience takes its seats. There is a long exchange of looks between the three and their technician before the show begins. 3 performers, a desk, 3 chairs and 4 laptops; what is going to happen? Finally one performer takes the lead and counts 1-2-3. The show is on.

Try and think back for a moment; what dances do you remember from the year 2003?

Personally I remember two: One was a Japanese performance, “Alice” by Mako Kawano, I myself by chance danced in. The second one “Finks by Leni-Basso, also a Japanese dance performance, intrigued me so much I decided on dance and choreography as my way in life.

It is 7 years ago now. It seems like yesterday and so long ago.

I’m not going to tell you what happens in Trio Collective’s piece. I don’t really want to write a review. What I can say is that what is evident watching the piece is that 2003 was 7 years ago, and the performers clearly show us the difference between today and something that was not so long ago.

The piece is conceptual, but the girls manage to go beyond concept and actually do something with it. It is not a mere demonstration, nor an academic exercise or pure entertainment. It is almost all of those things, but entirely its own.

This was a great first show and I’m looking forward to follow the evolution of “Re-re-twothousandandth-re”.

Runa Kaiser