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Conference presentations at:

‘Performing Process: Sharing Practice’ at C-DaRE at Coventry University on 6 June 2014 (live)

‘Questioning the Contemporary in 21st Century British Dance Practices’ Symposium at Leeds Metropolitan University on 18 July 2014 (video)


(To Antje, Michelle and anyone interested to follow the instructions)

– Select any choreography that was made in 2003 (preferably its title should be comprised of 3 words).
– Find a ‘genuine’ DVD of this choreography and copy it in your computer.
While copying the files, have also the DVD playing in your computer and try to copy/mirror the choreography from the screen physically.
– The copying/mirroring of the choreography may be performed by up to three performers
– Take a video of the performers and upload it on the blog
– This task should be performed only once and should not be rehearsed

Thank you for participating

Stella and Elena (Directors)