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Dear Elena, Michelle, Stella, World

TASK #3: Collect, perform and record three sayings.

Definition of saying: a well-known and wise statement which often has a meaning that is different from the simple meanings of the words it contains. (definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online)

Notes: You can choose to take sayings from your native language and directly translate them into English (they don’t have to make sense). The actual saying should appear written or verbally  sometime/somewhere before, during or after the performance. You can choose whatever medium you feel fit to perform and record your sayings and you should post them online.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Antje Hildebrandt (Director)


(To Antje, Michelle and anyone interested to follow the instructions)

– Select any choreography that was made in 2003 (preferably its title should be comprised of 3 words).
– Find a ‘genuine’ DVD of this choreography and copy it in your computer.
While copying the files, have also the DVD playing in your computer and try to copy/mirror the choreography from the screen physically.
– The copying/mirroring of the choreography may be performed by up to three performers
– Take a video of the performers and upload it on the blog
– This task should be performed only once and should not be rehearsed

Thank you for participating

Stella and Elena (Directors)

Dear Elena, Stella and Antje,

TASK #1:  From the video (either of the Berlin performance or the Laban performance) learn the movement from the Geometry/Geography (section 3) interview section.  A la choreographer Lee Anderson, try to learn the timing, movement, gestures and positioning with as much accuracy as possible.  Stella: learn Antje’s part, Elena: learn Stella’s part, Antje: learn my (Michelle’s) part.  After learning your assigned choreography, perform it in whatever venue you see fit.  Video the performance and post it online.

Michelle K. Lynch (Director)